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King Size Blue Kantha Quilt Hand Stitched Indigo Bedspread Handmade Boho Kantha Blanket

Product Description: JK Handicraft Industries Present Hand Block Printed Kantha Quilt, Bohemian Throw Blanket, Hand Stitched Quilted Bedcovers. block printing. Indigo resist printing is a resist dyeing process applied to the finished textile following the block print method. Block print is created by using a handmade wooden block to apply a mixture of mud and tree gum on fabric. The mud resists dye during the dipping. Once the mud is removed after the dying, the printed area remains its original base color. This fabric is hand block printed by mud resist method using natural colors ingredients and then we used Kantha stitches on it to create a more beautiful quilt and more durable. .
$ 35
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