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Hand Embroidered Afghan Suzani Throw Wall Hanging Tapestry

Product Description: JK Handicraft Industries Present Most Beautiful Piece Of Art. Hand-embroidered Afghan Suzani throws. Suzani literally means needlework. Taught by Grandmothers and mothers to young girls is having long been a part of Central Asian Culture for hundreds of years. Bright and colorful single bed cover. Be unique. Be one. Be only. Size 150x225 inches carefully embroidered. This Suzani is a very nice embroidered and has a nice variety of colors. Patterns are from are combined is, to our knowledge, quite exceptional. Afghan Suzani comes from the Persian word for "needle", and the word refers to embroidery. Suzani Make Delightful Wall Hanging, Throws, Bedspread, Or Even Tablecloths And Tapestry. Note-: These are one of kind so we provide picture for your selection.  
150X225 Cm
$ 105
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