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Wholesale Vintage Hand Embroidered Banjara Kutchi Dress

Product Description: JK Handicraft Industries Present This Is A Vintage One Of Kind Gypsy Afgani Dress Gypsy People They Use This Type Of Afgani dress In Festival Time.This Piece is Old More Then 40 To 50 Years & made With Cotton & Velvet Fabric. There is sooo much hand embroidery, it's unbelievable. The beads are all glass. I acquired these dresses while working and living as a cultural anthropologist in Central Asia, decades ago. Heavily hand beaded fringed tassles and pearl all used to decorate this festive dress. Based embroidery is so intricate and dense, just 1" square inch of it takes about 3-4 hours to complete (base of chest and sleeves' bottom hem) Note- These Dresses Are Vintage So They Come With Little Imperfections.
$ 120
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